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Spike S-512 in the Clouds

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Spike Aerospace was founded by a small group of passionate engineers interested in opportunities to make international travel faster and more efficient. They have spent the last 2 years designing a supersonic jet — the Spike S-512 a 12-18 passenger jet that flies at Mach 1.6 (1100 mph) — reducing flight time by 50%. Read More... Windowless Cabin
The Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet will feature an innovative windowless passenger cabin that eliminates the glaring sun and the need for window shades. The cabin will have thin display screens embedded into the wall, presenting breathtaking panoramic views.  Read More…
Fly Supersonic, Do More means you can reach destinations around the world in half the time currently required. Flying from NYC to London in just 3 hours, LA to Toyko just 5 hours, or London to Mumbai in just 4 hours will have a significant impact on personal travel, business, investments and global opportunities.



Spike S-512 is a supersonic business jet that enables travelers to reach their destinations in half the time it currently takes. Passengers will be able to fly from NYC to London in about 3 hours instead of 7 hours, or from LA to Tokyo in 6 hours instead of 11 hours.

Commercial airliners typically fly at .85 Mach (567 mph). Spike S-512 uses advanced engine and airframe technology to cruise at average speeds of Mach 1.6-1.8 (1060-1200 mph). We expect first deliveries of Spike S-512 in 2018.

Spike is seeking funding for development of the S-512. Learn more about investment opportunities.

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